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Melt Flow Index Tester

Computerized Melt Flow Index Tester as per ASTM D 1238 & ISO 1133 - (Test Method A & B )

Computerized Melt Flow Index Tester as per ASTM D 1238 & ISO 1133 - (Test Method A & B )

Melt flow rate (MFR) & melt volume rate (MVR) & Melt density Of thermoplastics and compounds with automatic result.....

Unique Features

This is a specialized model having Auto loading of weight, Auto program, Auto Cutting of flow extrudate, Auto Weighing of extrudate,Linear displacement measurement offered along with software.
The model is used to determine melt flow index (grams /10 minutes), Melt Volume rate (cu.cm/10 minutes) and Melt Density (grams/cu.cm).MFI can be determined both methods A & B of ASTM D 1238 and ISO 1133 standards.Method A is a very simple and is focused on cutting the flowing extrudate with respect to time and recording the mass in order to derive final resultin grams/10 minutes. But Method-A is helpful only for polymers having MFI less than 50 grams/10 minutes. In order to determine MFI of higher values this model is uniquely designed. Test Method-B determine the Melt flow rate based on linear travel (cm) of the Piston with respect to time (seconds). Also the melt density (grams/cu.cm) is essential factor of calculating melt flow rate by this method. As this method can measure linear displacement Of Piston thus it can also derive MVR of the materials i.e cu.cm/10 minutes as well as the builtin weighing scale is useful in deriving the melt density(grams/cu.cm) of materials

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