Manufacturers and Suppliers of Charpy Impact Tester / Izod Impact Tester
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Carbon Black Content Apparatus Manufacturers and Suppliers

Carbon Black Content Apparatus

As per ASTM D 1603, IS 4984 and IS 2530 to determine carbon black content of plastics.

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Carbon Black Content Apparatus

Size of furnace : 10 inch x 8 inch x 8 inch.
Material of construction: M.S.
Temperature range : Ambient to 1150 ºC
Accessories : Desiccator, Glass U tube, Combustion tube, Combustion boat, Rotameter, Rubber tube [1 no. each],Glass end caps - 2 nos. and Glass traps - 3 nos.
Paint : Powder coated.
Power : 230 Volts, 50Hz, single phase.