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Universal testing machine for Adhesives, Ceramic Tiles & Mosaics Manufacturers, Suppliers

Universal testing machine (IS-15477)

Computerized Twin screw Universal Testing Machine for Adhesives for use with Ceramic Tiles & Mosaics as per above referred Indian standard IS 15477 to determine properties of Shear bond, Adhesion, Pullout Testing, Dolly pullout, Tile Compression testing as per with direct display of results through 4 lines and 20 character 32 bit micro-controller.

Equipment is offered up to 50 KN (5,000 Kilogram) capacity.

Universal Testing Machine

Types Of Grips For Adhesive testing as per IS 15477 for Tiles and Mosaics

This equipment is used by adhesive and resin manufacturers as well as their end users for checking the strength of adhesion/bond on different substrates such as Tiles and mosaics.
Tests such as 50 square mm Dolly pullout from a cement slab of say 300 mm x 200 mm, Horizontal 40 cubic mm slab three point failure, 100 mmx100 mm tile de-bonding.