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Testing Equipment For HDPE PLB Duct Used By
The Telecom Industry In India And World Wide.

The Department of Telecommunication introduced a requirement of HDPE - pre lubricated pipe to be laid around 1 meter below the ground level for passing OFC cable through it thus protecting its sensitive fibres. Internal layer of OFC was described to be pre-lubricated using Silicon layer, this silicon coating would protect the OFC from abrasion at the time it is inserted inside duct at a very high speed. Cable Blowing technology to insert this cable in to duct was nationwide used.

At "International Equipments" we also designed, developed such Cable blowing machine taking a successful trial at Oriplast limited, Balasore completing this blowing of 1 kilometre OFC in to duct within stipulated time as per the DOT norms. Pre-lubricated internal layer being smooth protects OFC from abrasion during insertion in HDPE pipe, similarly HDFC pipe acts as a casing for OFC thus protecting it for several years ahead.

Department of Telecom recommended few stringent tests on the HDPE in accordance with IS 4984-2016 and few of them offered by IE are :

  1. Computerized Hydrostatic Pressure testing Panel.
  2. SS bath for hydrostatic pressure testing from 500 litres to 4,000 litres.
  3. SS End caps ranging from 16 mm diameter to 450 mm diameter.
  4. Oxidation Induction test apparatus (DTA) method to check anti-oxidant properties in pipe.
  5. Universal testing machine to check the Tensile, Elongation & Internal Co-efficient of friction between HDPE pipe and Optical fibre cable.
  6. Melt Flow index tester to check flow properties.
  7. ESCR apparatus
  8. Density apparatus for checking density of granules.
  9. Carbon Black Content apparatus to check % carbon in HDPE
  10. Carbon Dispersion to check uniformity of carbon dispersion in pipes
  11. Impact tester to check impact resistance on wall of pipes.
  12. Muffle Furnace for % ash Content
  13. Contour Cutter with Templates for preparation of different specimen from pipes such as butt-fusion de-welding test & tensile test.