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Testing Equipment For
Yarn, Woven Sacks, Tapes & Fabrics

Yarn is the main ingredient for a textile industry. It portrays a long chain of interlocked fibres ideal for use in production of textiles, sewing, knitting, weaving, embroidery and rope making. Yarn can be acquired from natural products or can be synthesized artificially. We offer a range of yarn and fibre testing equipment for our clients. Our yarn checking machine can be used to determine the strength as well as denier of different yarns and fibres.

Also our yarn strength testing machines are utilized to check properties of yarn, woven sacks and fabric materials with few tests as listed below :

  1. Computerized Single Screw tensile tester: This is a small capacity machine ranging between 50 kg to 500 kg capacity mainly used for checking thin yarn, tapes and fabrics in accordance with different standards such as IS 1969, ASTM D 5034 / ASTM D 882 / ISO 527 / ASTM D 412 standards.
  2. Computerized Twin column Universal testing machine: This is a higher capacity machine with range between 500 kg to 5000 kg for checking higher thickness Yarn, Belts, Higher thickness and strength fabrics.
  3. Melt flow index tester to measures the rate of extrusion of a thermoplastic granules used to manufacture these yarn and fabric materials.
  4. Muffle furnace to check the ash percentage. This test can be performed on granules as well as the end product such as yarn, tapes, fabrics cutting them down in to small pieces.
  5. Carbon Black content apparatus can also perform carbon % test on granules as well as end product.