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Testing Equipments for Packaging Industry


Testing Equipment Required In The Field Of Packaging Industry

Packaging industry has wide application & existence across the world. In India packaging industry is a rapidly growing industry with enormous potential and future growth opportunities. The Indian packaging industry has grown quickly in recent years, becoming one of the country's fastest-growing industries. In India and as well as around the globe, flexible packaging solutions have emerged as the high growth segment of the packaging industry. Flexible packaging industry has found its applicability extensively in high growth industries like FMCG, Dairy application & Pharmaceuticals.

Flexible packaging with mono layer and multilayer applications, Blister packaging, Corrugated packaging and many more innovative ways of packaging have been a boon to the Food, Oil & Pharmaceutical industries. In order to improvise the quality of packaging there are several testing standards introduced as per ASTM, ISO, Din and Bureau of Indian Standards. Few of these testing machines offered by International Equipments are Tensile Tester & Elongation Testing Machine, Dart Impact tester, Heat Sealing Machine, Coefficient of friction test, Melt Flow index Tester, Peel strength Tester, Seal strength Shrinkage testing Machine, GSM (grams square meter) test, Opacity test and so on.