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Plastic Testing and Laboratory Equipment for Recycled Plastics

Plastic recycling is nothing but reprocessing of plastic waste into new products.

As all know plastic being non-perishable & cannot be destroyed, this is one important reason why re-cycling and re-utilization of waste plastic plays a vital role towards maintaining healthy environment.
There are several such plastic recycling companies who collect the plastic waste from moulders, clean it up and recycle the same converting them into granules and re-sell to the same customers or new customers in the industry.

When this recycling process is performed correctly, this can reduce dependence on landfill, conserve resources and protect the environment from plastic pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
Normally the waste plastic has already undergone heat treatment similarly in the process of recycling a second heat treatment is given where there is strong possibility of change in original physical properties like melt flow rate, melt volume rate, melt density, tensile strength and modulus, Izod impact strength, Density, Ash %, carbon % etc.

Below tests are therefore essential to such companies involved in to recycling of plastics:
Basic Entry level equipment - as the tests could be directly carried out on granules:
• Melt Flow index tester- flow rate of plastics.
• Density apparatus to check the density of plastics
• Muffle furnace for checking ash % of plastics.
• Moisture Analyser for checking moisture % in plastics

Specialized equipment that requires specimen moulding and then tests are conducted on such moulded specimen:
• Universal testing Machine - To check tensile, Elongation, Flexural & Compression.
• VSP/HDT apparatus - To check Vicat Softening Point & Heat Deflection temperature
• Izod / Charpy impact tester - To check the impact resistance of plastics.
• Motorized Notch cutter - To notch Izod / Charpy specimens