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Testing Equipment For Plastic Pipe Manufacturers and Suppliers


Testing equipment for plastic pipe manufacturers

Plastic pipes have varied applications in all types of industries from irrigation to Telecom. Depending on varied applications different category of pipes such as HDPE, PVC, C-PVC, PPR, LDPE, Corrugated pipes are produced & offered in industrial as well as domestic localities in accordance to IS 4984 & IS 4985, ASTM D 3350, ASTM D 1785 and several BS/ISO standards. HDPE pipes are characterized by higher specific strength and heat resistance. LDPE pipes have lower strength and temperature resistance. Corrugated pipes are mainly used in Telecom sector for cable protection with features such as flame resistance and many more durability characteristics.

At International Equipment, we offer equipments to test few of such tests of plastic pipes and few such equipment are listed below :

  1. Computerized Twin Column Universal testing machine: To check properties of Tensile, Elongation, Compression, Ring Stiffness and Flexural (Three point bending) typically the range is from 1000 kg (10 KN) to 5000 kg (50 KN).
  2. Digital Melt flow Index tester to check flow properties of plastics.
  3. Computerized Hydrostatic Pressure Testing comprising of Hydrostatic Pressure test Panel, SS tank of sizes ranging from 500 litres to 4000 litres, end caps ranging from 16 mm to 450 mm. Mainly applicable to thermoplastic pipes which are functional in movement of fluids.
  4. Computerized VSP/HDT apparatus to check softening point and heat deflection.
  5. Carbon Content apparatus to check carbon percentage.
  6. Carbon dispersion to check dispersion of carbon in polymer used to produce pipes.
  7. Impact tester and deep freezer for checking impact on pipes.
  8. Izod / Charpy impact tester for checking pendulum impact on pipes.
  9. Opacity tester to check opaqueness.
  10. Oxidation induction test apparatus for checking anti-oxidant properties in HDPE/MDPE pipe.
  11. Contour Cutter and templates along with Hydraulic Press and Die to prepare specimen for testing.