Universal Testing Machine Manufacturers and Suppliers

Universal Testing Machine manufacturers and suppliers

Computerized twin screw universal testing machine to determine properties of tensile & elongation as per ASTM D 638 & ISO 527, Compression as per ASTM D 695 & ASTM D 790 for flexural (three point bending) with auto stop, auto reverse facility & direct display of result through 32 bit micro controller having 4 lines and 20 character display. Suitable for checking all types of polymers, compounds, composite materials, fibre reinforced plastics (FRP) and polymeric materials.

Universal Testing Machine (BOTH OPTIONS SERVO & VFD)

  • Highly accurate position control with high range of speed
  • Accurate start and stop instantly using 32 bit microcontroller
  • Four line and 20 characters controller with multiple features
  • Automatic calculation of modulus @different strains selectable
  • Multi unit display in Kg, pound, Newton mm, cm, inch selectable
  • Direct display on controller and numeric printout facility
  • Safety norms of over load in auto as well as manual mode
  • Data lock for calibration and master controlled parameters
  • Safety norms of over travel in auto mode.
  • Tests preprogramming facility for Tensile, Flexural, Peel, Bond, Compression, Cyclic endurance based on load, travel, time

Types of gripers for Universal Testing Machine

  • Flexural Fixtures Three Point Bending

  • Self Tightening Grips For Virgin Polymers

  • Heavy Duty Grips For Polymer Filled Compounds

  • Rubber Paaded Polyfilm Grips

  • Wave Type Grips For Fabrics And Tapes

  • Compression

  • Syringe / Sliding Force Measurement Fixtures

  • Yarn Grips

Equipment with other capacities could also be supplied as per the requirement.


  • Load capacity: Various different capacities can be offered up to 5000 kg.
  • No. of load cell: Optional One or Two.
  • Cross Travel: up to 1000 mm
  • Facility of full scale elongation as well as Extensometer gauge length elongation (OPTIONAL)
  • Horizontal day light: 450mm
  • Speed: Variable between 0.5mm/minute to 800mm/minute depending on model.
  • Paint: Powder coated.
  • Power: 230 Volts, 50Hz, single phase.

All results such as Peak load, Elongation at Peak load, Break load, Elongation at break load, % elongation at Peak, % elongation at Break, Tensile strength at Peak, Tensile strength at Break, Flexural stress, Compression Strength, Secant Modulus, Tangent Modulus & Flexural Modulus are directly displayed on Microcontroller as well as through PC software