Oxidation induction test apparatus manufacturers and suppliers

Oxidation induction test apparatus

is designed to check oxidation induction time (OIT) by Differential Thermal Analysis method (DTA) for polymers mixed with antioxidant additives. This test is helpful in analysing the de-gradability of polymers when subjected to oxygen flow.


  • Temperature Controller : Digital PID Controller with range up to 300°C, Resolution of 0.1°C & accuracy of ± 0.5°C.
  • Pan : 500 Nos. of aluminium pans with 40 mesh screen in SS 316 will be provided as per DOT specification.
  • Gas Flow Control : Gas Regulators & Rotometers will be supplied for Nitrogen & Oxygen Gas respectively. Indium material will be supplied for Calibration of temperature.

Printouts Through PC

  • The display & printout of Delta Temperature Vs Time graph along with Oxidation Induction Time result is Possible through your PC. The printout includes Party’s Name, address, file name, date, batch no, Operator name, Sample weight, Set temperature, Start time, Finish time, Gas flow rate etc.
  • Calibration graph of melting point of indium metal along with printout facility is provided as per DOT Specification.
  • Cooling System : Cooling of barrel by water is provided.